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This is a neatly contained story and it's well polished as well. I hope the next game you make has the machine learning you mentioned.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thank you for your kind words!! I watched the full video  and shared it on social media. I fixed some bugs yesterday so unfortunately you've got the older version. I am chuffed to see you enjoyed it! followed :) 

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Alright so I didn't complete the game yet but I just felt like I should say, I downloaded it with the intention of making a video because it looked good, I wasn't able to record it in the best settings (because my computer sucks) so I decided not to record at all but I was really surprised by the quality of the game, I know that the assets aren't yours by what you said but they were really well put together and the game looks very polished (didn't get very far in yet tho).

Also I noticed the machine learning in the playground part and wanted to ask, are you a fellow computer science student like me? haha

And lastly I wanted to congratulate, it feels like a game that would be sold at Steam, kinda hyped to see your next projects.


Oh wow thank you for your kind words! I am a Creative Computing student so my course is unfortunately mostly all web dev which I originally thought I would want to do. I've been teaching myself to create games through using YouTube and  I am lucky that I was able to make a game rather than a website for my final year project. I am aiming to collaborate with with some talented people in the future and pursue making games further ^_^ !

As for the machine learning part, I had to investigate some form of new technology for my thesis and I wanted to integrate trained agents into the game, however I ended up using different scripting methods for each AI. I would be interested to see a fellow student's opinion on which enemy you preferred the most !  ML agents toolkit that Unity provides was initially version 0.4 when I started and it is now 0.6 which has improved a lot if you ever want to try it out .