"Discover a barren kingdom devoid of life and presence for reasons unknown. No signs of war, no signs of abandonment, a kingdom so infamous in legend that only one adventurer would dare take on the foreboding quest towards it. Tyler's Quest."

This game was developed as a college project using the JavaScript framework "Phaser" over a month which is the reason for its short length. More levels can be added and chests spawned in random locations rather than fixed spots for replay-ability. Everything was self  taught and all the assets were taken from online open sources. Game still in progress and will be changed. Would love to hear some feedback.

How to play:

Use the keyboard to move left,right,up and down.

You must find the right key in order to open the door and progress through the level.

There is a timer near the entrance which tells you how much time you have to complete the level.

Enjoy the game and save the castle from its curse! 

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